Episode 115: Cabbage Patch Dreams/Nightmares

Episode 114: Smoking Hot Love, And The Love Of Smoking

Episode 113: The Friends We Made Along The Way

Episode 112: Ocean’s 3

Episode 111: Being Your Own Advocate – Health Adventures Edition!

Episode 110: A Close Shave

Episode 109: It’s 5:00 Everywhere, with The Bitchy Waiter and Kyra Sims

Episode 108: (Not) Home for The Holidays

Episode 86/69: Catfish in the Cradle

Episode 106: It’s Harder To Give Up

Episode 105: Pizza and Photos and Vampires (oh my)

Episode 104: For The Record (Store)

Episode 103: “We Would Have Preferred Phish, Not Actual Fish” And Other Roadblocks While Fighting The Drug War

Episode 102: Rob, and the Concept of Star Stature

Episode 101: Revoking Your Ancestral Contract

Episode 100: Dollar Store Baby Booties, with Flatbush Misdemeanors

Episode 99: A New Perspective (brought to you by Visual Snow)

Episode 98: Dasha, From Russia

Episode 97: The Healthcare Prison Industrial Complex

Episode 96: You’re Beautiful

Episode 95: The Sacred Masculine and The Divine Feminism (or a Second Title for Shelton)

Episode 94: Your Birth Day

Episode 93: Sometimes A Bridesmaid, And Traveling Worldwide

Episode 92: Two and a Half Old Bitches

Episode 91: The Future of Regular Degular Comedy

Episode 90: Second (or Third, Fourth, Fifth) Chances

Episode 89: I… Did Not Know That

Episode 88: He’s All That

Episode 87: Service Dogs > Brogressives

Episode 86: Family AMIRITE?!?

Episode 85: Rear, Window

Episode 84: Monsoon Season

Episode 83: Building a Backbone

Episode 82: The Big Break(through)

Episode 81: Trucker Tales

Episode 80: Superman

Episode 79: Finding Your Voice

Episode 78: Cool Cats

Episode 77: Prete Moderno

Episode 76: Risky Business

Episode 75: The Story of Chemda

Episode 74: Return To Burns Night

Episode 73: The Universe!

Episode 72: Loosening Up

Episode 71: Relationships and Rumblestrips

Episode 70: A Dud, A Stud and a Flood

Episode 69: The Nixon Files

Episode 68: Another World

Episode 67: Shaken Up

Episode 66: In The Moment

Episode 65: There’s No Business Like Show Business

Episode 64: Well That Was Awkward

Episode 63: Pranks Gone Wild

Episode 62: Breaking The Law

Episode 61: Inspired

Episode 60: Odd Jobs

Episode 59: Studio 54

Episode 58: Subway Subculture

Episode 57: Goodbyes and Badbyes

Episode 56: Dating Fables and Spanking Tables

Episode 55: If You See Something, Say Something (Even If It Takes A Few Years)

Episode 54: LIVE with Norm Lewis and The Bitchy Waiter!

Episode 53: Hits and Misses

Episode 52: The Immortal Serial

Episode 51: High/Low and Stitch

Episode 50: Filing Solo

Episode 49: Politics, Facebook and Friendship

Episode 48: The True Meaning of Thanksgiving, Revealed

Episode 47: LIVE with Myka Fox and Keisha Zollar!

Episode 46: Halloween Spooktacular!

Episode 45: This Time, It’s Personal

Episode 44: LIVE With Janeane Garofalo, Mara Wilson and Jeffrey Cranor!

Episode 43: There’s A First Time For Everything

Episode 42: An Education

Episode 41: LIVE With Jamie Kilstein and Chris Gethard!

Episode 40: Get Your Kink On With Bastard Keith (And Constable Teasebottom)

Episode 39: First Impressions

Episode 38: Incognito

Episode 37: London Calling

Episode 36: Writing, Creating, And The Fine Art Of Getting Someone’s Name Right

Episode 35: Caught In The Act

Episode 34: LIVE with Mara Wilson and Wyatt Cenac!

Episode 33: Medical Misadventures

Episode 32: A Series Of Firsts 

Episode 31: A 9/11 Story

Episode 30: LIVE With Janeane Garofalo and Chris Morris!

Episode 29: SHORT! A Funny Thing Happened

Episode 28: The Conspiracy of Silence

Episode 27: The Extra Files

Episode 26: Tough Crowd

Episode 25: LIVE with Blair Koenig and Frank Conniff!

Episode 24: Who’s Your Santa?

Episode 23: LA Story/NY Story

Episode 22: On The Road

Episode 21: The Military, Sexual Identity, and Pee

Episode 20: On Depression, Drugs, and a Duck

Episode 19: To Be Young

Episode 18: Tales of Engagement

Episode 17: According to Plan

Episode 16: Searching For Lucky Cole

Episode 15: Camp It Out

Episode 14: Don’t Do Drug

Episode 13: LIVE!

Episode 12: A Lesson in Transformation

Episode 11: At Your Service

Episode 10: Leaps of Faith

Episode 9: Last Days and the Preponderant Shaft Project

Episode 8: Oops

Episode 7: I Didn’t Know I Was Nugent

Episode 6: A Night With Kambri

Episode 5: Taken In

Episode 4: New Friends, Old Friends

Episode 3: For The Love Of…

Episode 2: In Hindsight

Episode 1: Spiritualized