Episode 79: Finding Your Voice

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In this Episode:

The Bartender was recently approached by a band of Gypsies. Yes, a rock band of brothers who are Gypsies. In this very special episode, we hear about what it was like growing up, what it means to be a Gypsy, and how their band, The MXT, came to be. And then one of the brothers makes The Bartender cry with a moving and inspirational story. Hide your babies… KIDDING! They don’t steal babies. But gather your hankies.

Then, The Bartender shares a short story about her encounter with a shitstain of a human garbage monster right before the interview.

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About the Guests:

The MXT is an upcoming Alternative Pop Rock band that is trending around the New York music scene. They’ve developed a notorious reputation on stage as well as off the stage. With a thrive for success and a passion for music that cannot be satisfied, the band’s goal is to innovate music. They’ve received massive amounts of praise for their skillful songwriting, intense guitar playing, energizing beats and amazingly powerful vocals. No one comes close.

The MXT consist of members:

Frank Bohr (Lead vocalist)
Joseph Frank (Guitarist/songwriter and keyboardist)
Ricky Frank (Bassist/Songwriter and band leader)
Joshua Frank (Drummer/percussionist)

Here they are looking sexy AF: