Episode 53: Hits and Misses

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In this Episode:

We hear stories from people who have loved, lost, and been punched by strangers. PLUS buy tickets now for Tell The Bartender LIVE on February 18th with Norm Lewis and the Bitchy Waiter! Like the show? Tip The Bartender! Or give it 5 stars!


J LaLonde is a comedian, storyteller, and you can see his movie Fifty Shades of J available 2/14! Here is the trailer:

Brandon Collins is an up-and-coming stand-up comedian, actor and producer. He started acting and performing stand-up comedy in high school but didn’t pursue it any further until 2011 when he completed all of his higher education goals (Masters in School Counseling, what?!!). He has performed for Yelp NYC, Webster Hall and numerous NY comedy clubs and also produced shows that have been featured in the New York Comedy Festival. He is also one half of Comedy Outliers. Here he is looking adorably confused:


John Frusciante is an actor, comedian, improviser and an awesome person. He is currently starring in the one man show Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Live! He also kills it on Twitter. Here he is giving smeyes:



Music Credits:

“Setting Sun” by Chris Powers

“Nobody’s Empire” by Belle and Sebastian

“Luck Be A Lady” by Frank Sinatra

“Ceremony” by New Order

“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists