Episode 93: Sometimes A Bridesmaid, And Traveling Worldwide

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In this Episode: 

The Bartender talks to Jen Glantz who is a “Bridesmaid for Hire”, and has SO MANY QUESTIONS. Then Nancy Halpern shares some of her adventures from when she spent 5 days in Burma, alone, in her 20s. We then bring it back to American politics, the current Muslim “It’s-not-a-ban-but-it-is-a-ban” Ban, and the importance of people traveling outside of their comfort zones.

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About the Guests:

Nancy Halpern is a leader in the fields of executive communications, leadership development, and talent management. She’s also fearless AF. Check her out on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, and read her super awesome blog. Here she is hanging out being awesome:


Check out photos of her trip:

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“Setting Sun” by Chris Powers

“Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Rock Cover) by Billy Chuchat

“Closer” (Cover) by Billy Chuchat featuring Alyn and Emma

“What Do I Get” by Buzzcocks

“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists