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In this Episode: 

Nessa Norich, awesome person and fellow New York Neo-Futurist, joins The Bartender to talk about ancestral trauma, how to move forward when there’s a familial elephant in the room, and smashing the f@#k out of patriarchy. Then she sings a beautiful song she wrote.

About The Guests:

Nessa Norich is a Brooklyn-based event producer and theater artist devoted to the creation of innovative and challenging new forms of theater.

Her work spans styles and mediums, including non-fiction, classical adaptations, political satire, documentary theater and immersive live events –including the international sober morning rave sensation, Morning Gloryville NYC.

Here is Nessa looking amazing af:


Check out Nessa and Katharine in Smash The Patriarchy this weekend with the New York Neo-FuturistsTix here.


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Katharine is pretty jazzed about the Vasa BLÅ – Rose Gold White ones (on the left), and not just because they have a ring above the “A”. But maybe a little bit. But they’re also pretty great.


Music Credits:

“Setting Sun” by Chris Powers

“Deceptacon” by Le Tigre

“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists