Episode 97: The Healthcare Prison Industrial Complex

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In this Episode: 

Maggie’s brother, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, ended up in solitary confinement while in jail after an incident at his group home. She opens up about the complicated and flawed legal system in America, and how it often fails people with special needs. Then The Bartender shares some thoughts about Charlottesville, allyship, and the importance of listening and learning. PLUS a listener shout-out, and a sneak peak into next month’s episode.

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About the Guest:

Maggie Shaw is a classically trained chef and social justice entrepreneur. She has been researching and working to enhance and apply traditional therapeutic methods to cooking as a non-traditional technique to mitigate symptoms of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Maggie has researched this concept through volunteering with young adults with severe Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as most recently working as a therapeutic chef and community organizer at a community based program for adults with severe mental illness. Maggie’s business reinvents the kitchen using the practices of Behavioral Activation and mindfulness to create an environment that helps people work through their symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Contact her here, check out her website for her business Cognitive Kitchen, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook! Here she is looking professional and rad, and also a picture of her with pink hair like a goddamn boss hanging out with Katharine:




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