Episode 70: A Dud, a Stud and a Flood

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In this Episode:

Meredith hadn’t had much luck with online dating. This is the story of one date that turned into a shitstorm. Literally.

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Here is the audio of the AT&T commercial Katharine and Meredith did together!

About the Guest:

Meredith Zeitlin is an incredible writer, VO artist and person. Buy her young adult books, Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters and Sophomore Year Is Greek to Me. And check out one of her awesome opinion pieces about weddings here. Also, this is the piece about the other guy she had dated, the “Christopher Columbus of Brooklyn“. Here she is looking fabulous:


Music Credits:

“Setting Sun” by Chris Powers

“Little Babies” by Sleater Kinney

“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists