Tell The Bartender Episode 9: Last Days and the Preponderant Shaft Project

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In This Episode:

Last Days: Stephanie D’Abruzzo has an interesting history with last days on the job. She shares with us two short stories about her last day at the Broadway show Avenue Q, and her last day working at a Burger King in college.

The Preponderant Shaft Project: In 2008 a group of friends took an inside joke on an email thread a little too far. In Katharine’s first ever field piece, we hear from Ed Winnick, Chris Powers, Michael Boyd, Jon Quinn and Brett Gustafson about what inspired them to create a full length album worth of songs in a few weeks… over a private email conversation started by a spam message. For the first time, we hear the fruits of their creative labor.

PLUS Katharine shares a new drink recipe, and we play a new round of everyone’s favorite game, “Craigslist Ad or Casting Notice?”

In related news, “Last Days and the Preponderant Shaft Project” is the name of Katharine’s new jam band.

Stephanie D’Abruzzo is a Tony nominated actor, an original cast member of Broadway’s Avenue Q, puppeteer, writer and an all around awesome person. She was also the voice of Uma on Oobi, Katharine’s favorite kids show ever to watch as an adult. Here she is looking just darling:


Ed Winnick, Chris Powers, Michael Boyd, Jon Quinn and Brett Gustafson are a group of friends who have separately, and together, played in various bands such as 76% Uncertain (Ed), Onion (Ed), Shrieking Void of Emptiness (Ed and Brett), Gunk (Ed and Brett), Tide (Chris and Michael), Klimpter (Ed, Brett, Michael and Jon) and Firenza (Chris and Michael).

Listen to the full songs from the Preponderant Shaft Project here:

1. My Shaft is Extremely Preponderant – the Guided By Voices version by Chris Powers

2. Shafterpol – the Interpol version by Michael Boyd

3. 80’s Shaft – the 80’s take on the Shaft song by Jon Quinn

4. 60’s Shaft – the 60’s take by Chris Powers

5. Shaft Gordon – a play on the Flash Gordon song by Jon Quinn

6. Meta Shaft – inspired by the Isaac Hayes song of the same name by Michael Boyd

7. Shaftira – the Shakira version by Katharine Heller (featuring a voicemail accidentally recorded on Jon Quinn’s phone)

8. Shaft The Musical – the Broadway Musical version by Jon Quinn and Katharine Heller

9. My Thrash is Extremely Preponderant – the Heavy Metal version by Brett Gustafson

Music Credits:

“Setting Sun” by Chris Powers

“You Said Something” by PJ Harvey

“Black Hole Sun” by Steve and Eydie

“First of the Gang to Die” by Morrissey

“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists