Episode 99: A New Perspective (brought to you by Visual Snow)

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In this Episode: 

Vanessa Potter woke up one morning and found herself blind and unable to walk. Hear her talk about recovery, facing fear, and hearing colors. YES, HEARING COLORS. Then Melissa Divaris Thompson shares a story about giving birth to her first child, and the lack of “industry of support” around pregnancy and parenthood.

About The Guests:

Vanessa Potter is a writer, producer and speaker. Her curiosity and quest for answers led her to neuroscientists at Cambridge University persuading them to help her research her incredible visual rebirth. After collaborating on an EEG project that invited members of the public to see and hear their own mindful brainwaves translated into music and art, we fast forward to 2016 when Vanessa was invited to tell her story at a TEDx conference in Ghent. This was quickly followed by her first book – Patient H69: The Story of my Second Sight published by Bloomsbury in 2017. Vanessa is currently working on her second non-fiction book, along with writing a pilot tv series. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Here she is looking radiant.


Portrait photography by Urszula Soltys

Melissa Divaris Thompson is a holistic and depth oriented therapist, and the co-creator of Honest Mamas, a website committed to the authentic emotional and spiritual lives of mothers. She’s also super rad.


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