Episode 111: Being Your Own Advocate – Health Adventures Edition!

Episode 111: Being Your Own Advocate – Health Adventures Edition!

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In this Episode: 

Molly Knefel shares a never before told story involving very serious health problems she encountered while receiving IVF treatment. Then Hilary Asare tells The Bartender about her horrible experience with a certain diet company who shall not be named (kidding, it’s totally named). Plus, pandemic adventures!

(CN for discussion of IVF and and assisted reproductive technology, and talk of weight and diet programs)

About The Guests:

Molly Knefel is a writer and educator. She is the co-host two podcasts, Radio Dispatch and Page 7. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue and the Guardian, and she is Molly from High Maintenance. Check out this article she wrote for Self, We Need to Talk More About Postpartum Rage. Here is a badass photo of her:

Hilary Asare is a Ghanaian-American actress, writer, and New York Neo-Futurist. You can hear her work on Hit Play, a New York Neo Futurist podcast. @hilaryasare on social media. Here she is, glowing:


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