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Episode 103: “We Would Have Preferred Phish, Not Actual Fish” And Other Roadblocks While Fighting The Drug War

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In this Episode: 

Derek Rosenfeld and Tommy McDonald from The Drug Policy Alliance join The Bartender to talk about various obstacles they’ve experienced working to end the war on drugs. Derek recounts one bizarre tactic to deter a peaceful protest that involved dead fish, (not to be confused with his favorite band Phish), and Tommy recalls celebrating one of the proudest accomplishment of his career during one of the worst nights of his life.

PLUS Katharine shares audio of a beautiful speech her sister gave while accepting an award on behalf of her law firm’s pro-bono work for helping abused women and children! UNFORTUNATELY the audio also caught a sexist remark from a nearby attendant/colleague about her sister’s personal appearance as she took the stage to share an emotional story about their abusive father. So Katharine ends the episode with her feelings about that.

About The Guests:

Tommy McDonald is director of multimedia at the Drug Policy Alliance, co-host of their popular podcast Drugs and Stuff, and has the voice of an angel caressing a sea of velvet and molasses. After earning his B.A. at Tennessee State University, McDonald began his career as a sports writer for The Nashville Banner in 1991. He was a community news reporter at The Sacramento Bee and a local sports editor for ANG Newspapers, which owns The Oakland Tribune. McDonald also worked as a freelance writer and consultant for several years.

Derek Rosenfeld is Drug Policy Alliance‘s manager of social media and media relations, based in New York, and the co-host of the podcast Drugs and Stuff. Even under the most trying circumstances, he always manages to stay classy. Derek strives to promote harm reduction strategies for dealing with drug use, enjoys staying current on drug policy reform issues, and makes every effort to share current events with as many people as possible. Check out his articles about Kellyanne Conway’s recent tone deaf statements about drugs and ice cream, and how, because of the drug war, there is an deadly uptick of fentanyl in heroin.

Here are Tommy (l) and Derek (r) looking fly af:


Drug Policy Alliance Media:

Website: http://www.drugpolicy.org
Podcast Twitter: @drugsnstuffDPA 
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